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Librarians Online Chat

  1. Feb 21, 2014 #1
    I like to have an online chat on my reading rooms to access immediate and reliable information from librarians anytime 24/7. I have tried RumbleTalk and Flashcat which help with quick reference by sharing Internet and library sources but lack of third party capability, any suggestions?
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  3. Mar 14, 2014 #2
    Are you asking for a chat platform to integrate into your library? I assume you are an administrator?
  4. Jul 8, 2014 #3
    Sorry, it took me a while, but just for you to know, I am still looking for a suitable chat room for my site any help will be most appreciated.
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    You were asked for a clarification, but you have failed to provide one. No way to help you not knowing what the question is.
  6. Dec 7, 2015 #5
    Yes, I have been looking for a chat platform.

    Well I was lucky enough then to find it on my own. I started using Rumbletalk just for you to know and it is great! Basically it is the best embed chat application.

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