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Library for retrieving notes?

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    Hi, I’m looking for a good library software for managing notes for university classes. Let’s say for exsample that I see “electrochemistry” in a book and I forgot the basic principles of electrochemistry, but I have some very understandable notes with drawings that explain electrochemistry easily which I can retrieve from a library. Any ideas for a good way to manage these notes and drwaings?

    I attached a file that kind of shows the idea I'm looking for. I'm not a programmer, so a someqhat easy-to-manage library would be nice.

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    The best thing would be if when you search for a document it searches for words inside the document :)
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    I like KeepNote.
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    Works for keeping track of articles both online and on your computer. You can define keywords, tree structure, etc. If you keep track of ONLY online stuff then it also keeps the list online, so you can access your stuff from any computer.

    I highly recommend this for anyone in the science field. Its great when creating references for a paper, and for when you do a lot of work offline. If you just target it to your download directory, it can add everything you download from arxiv so you permanently have it categorized on your machine.
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