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Library link not working

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    The link https://www.physicsforums.com/library.php?do=view_sstopic&sstopicid=180"
    Physics Help and Math Help - Physics Forums > PF Library > Physics > Classical Mechanics > Newtonian Dynamics
    at the top of the relevant pages isn't working. :confused:

    (though the Defined browse facility does work for Newtonian Dynamics)
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    Actually, I don't think the breadcrumbs are working quite right in general, not just that one entry. If you click the last item on the breadcrumb to get to the most specific category, it doesn't seem to take you anywhere. When I've clicked on the broader categories earlier in the breadcrumb trail, they seem to work okay.
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    I noticed this the other day. I'm sure Greg has it on his very long list.
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