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LaTeX License for Latex Documents

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    Greetings all,

    I recently wrote a midterm exam for my physics laboratory class using Latex. In preparing the document, I used some latex packages (specifically
    circuitikz). I want to post my .tex file and a pdf on my github page for students in future classes to view as a sample exam or anyone else that may be interested (educators etc.).

    I was wondering what license I should post this document under? Or should it even have a license? For the record, I don't care who or how someone uses it. Thanks ahead of time.
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    Is there a reason that it's relevant that you did it using latex, or that you used certain packages?

    If you just want other people to be able to use it, you could pick a CC license that sounds like what you want. If you don't license it, then it's illegal for other people to make copies or create derived works from it.
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    To answer your question, yes, the packages were the concern. Thanks for the response.
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