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Lie-detector glasses:Air Force tests 90% accurate!

  1. Jan 22, 2004 #1

    Lie-detector glasses offer peek at future of security
    By R. Colin Johnson

    EE Times
    January 16, 2004 (2:05 p.m. ET)


    Portland, Ore. — It may not be long before you hear airport security screeners ask, "Do you plan on hijacking this plane?" A U.S. company using technology developed in Israel is pitching a lie detector small enough to fit in the eyeglasses of law enforcement officers, and its inventors say it can tell whether a passenger is a terrorist by analyzing his answer to that simple question in real-time.

    The technology, developed by mathematician Amir Lieberman at Nemesysco in Zuran, Israel, for military, insurance claim and law enforcement use, is being repackaged and retargeted for personal and corporate applications

    .....better than 90 percent accuracy against real criminal subjects at a beta test site at the U.S. Air Force's Rome Laboratories.

    .....a state police agency in the Midwest found the lie detector 89 percent accurate, compared with 83 percent for a traditional polygraph.

    The company showed plain sunglasses outfitted with the technology at the 2004 International CES in Las Vegas earlier this month. The system used green, yellow and red color codes to indicate a "true," "maybe" or "false" response.

    ......analyzed the voices of celebrities like Michael Jackson to determine whether they were lying.

    and imagine this, when available for the public, folks wil be able to watch the State of the Union address in 'true living color'!!!!

    quite a story here .....but i personally don't believe the polygraph is "83%" accurate==far as i'm concerned it's been 'debunked',
    about as accurate as yur average psychic!

    cheers! Do you love me? my software knows!

    and imagine this-one day these forums will be 'voiced'--what i mean is, we won't have to type-we'll just speak into our computers-and we'll be able to hear the person's post!! and liars will be 'blocked'.......and furthermore, then we'll be able to pick up on those 'nuances' in the voice that are 'hidden' in the written words--
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Hey mouseonmoon,
    I already posted this story in the technology section.

    Since this comes from a good source - the EE Times - I think the Technology forum is more appropriate. Of course, this could be a bogus claim aimed at investors so who knows? I may need to reverse my position...

    Keep the posts coming!

    Thanks. :wink:
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