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Lie path dependent factor

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    Hi everyone!!

    I can't figure out why electromagnetism is defined a non integrable phase factor (or path dependent), referring to the element of the Lie group U1 to which it (the phase factor) belongs.

    Why it's said to be non-integrable? And, precisely, how do we specify a path for the [itex]e^{\theta}[/itex] ?
    By parametrizing a path with respect to [itex]\theta[/itex]?

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    double posts are against the rules here. I suggest you delete one of them lest you annoy the mods.
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    You are absolutely right Phinds!!
    The truth is i've posted this in the algebra section but then i realized that this was the best section to post in.

    If tou tell me how to delete a post i'll be glad to do that.

    Sorry for the issue!
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    Hm ... I thought there was a way, but I can't find it. You can always ask a mod to delete one for you I guess.
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