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i'm working on a project for school, it's an open-ended assignment on hamlet (i love a lack of direction considering i have no creative vision). my idea was to demonstrate the idea that the dead tells the truth while the living lies, by having lies outside of a coffin and truths inside.

so if you guys could help me find some lies said by living people and some good, truthful quotes of famous dead guys, that would be great...

(and try to keep the bush and religious lies to a minimum :wink: )
People have lied in the past, and they also lie today.

Whether more people lied in the past or not is uncertain. But perhaps it is more difficult to get away with lying today as you can do more checks e.g. on internet.
"Read my lips. No new taxes." - George H.W. Bush (the father)
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman." - Bill Clinton

Anything that the former Iraqi Information Minister said (,[/url] [PLAIN], [Broken]

Nixon must have good amount of lies about Watergate. John Poindexter lied about the Iran-Contra Scandal, and Oliver North probably did, as well.

As for dead

-Anybody who claimed to have spoken to god.
-Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, etc.
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I can give you my Audial Hamlet Medley I did in high school to hand in, if you want

You'll probably have to splice in your own teacher's name to a part of it, but other than that it's good to go.

It has a brief section wherein one of our friends declares that he devirginized the English teacher's little sister on a student body camping trip, but it shouldn't be any trouble to adjust


i don't think i'm down with the whole plagiarism thing.

besides, it was due last tuesday.

maybe someone should lock this up...

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