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Life after Griffiths EM

  1. Jun 18, 2009 #1
    "Life" after Griffiths EM


    I need a textbook on electrodynamics. I have already finished Griffiths electrodynamics, a wonderful book but it does not cover the things I need now from an EM book (i.e. research on photonics).

    Therefore, I need a book which covers the mathematical methods on EM problems (eg. expansion on Bessel functions, Green functions, etc) and also be strong on the conseptual concepts of EM.

    I am an undergraduate planning to apply next fall to grad school.
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    Re: "Life" after Griffiths EM

    Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics is precisely what you ask for! You may also want to take a look at Classical Electromagnetic Theory by Vanderlinde (at a slightly lower level).
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    Re: "Life" after Griffiths EM

    A non-Jackson book I like is Schwinger's Classical Electrodynamics book.
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    Dr Transport

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    Re: "Life" after Griffiths EM

    I like it........short chapters that cover one subject and allow for the digestion of the material.
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    Re: "Life" after Griffiths EM

    The book Electromagnetic Processes by Robert J. Gould looked really interesting.
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    Re: "Life" after Griffiths EM

    Thank you for your responses.
    Just got Jackson's electrodynamics.
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