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Life and death

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    How do we know that we are alive right now? or for that matter are we dead? , we call this life but is it a illusion ? i mean am i typing this right now onto a PC or am i thinking about typing this and some of you are seeing this in your minds eye? to many question not enough answers.
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    What's the difference between the two?
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    I may be wrong, but that sounds like what Descartes was thinking.

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    i would say it has more to do with information... nothing NEEDS to be physical. if you touch something all it is is ur brain's reaction to the ineraction. you could even contemplate yourself as an entity inside a computer program... your brain is constructed with rules, and reactions.. so that IF this happens then THIS is your reaction... if all reality is percieved in this way, then there is no life and death, only a change in the rules you play the game by.

    i dunno if ur into the sciences much, but you may want to check out some stuff on "the quantum hologram" it basically talks about all reality being information and nothing being solid or even existing as anything but information.

    in my opinion we're all just one big calculation waiting to be solved... :wink:
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    Ive wondered the same thing before. Are we Alive or are we dead. Who's to say i'm existing or not, whos to say your existing or not. It's a question that inspires alternate thoughts on what life really is.
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    Why bother to think such things if you were dead?
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    watch the matrix.

    You cannot know if you are truly alive. You can, however, know if its an illusion, simply by being the entity that is creating the illusion.
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