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Life c and the pursuit of an accurate distance measurement

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    Life "c" and the pursuit of an accurate distance measurement

    Having trouble trying to wrap my mind around how two reference frames (both in motion) can observe a third reference frame (object at rest wrt A & B observers) and calculate the correct distance to that object.

    To try and keep it simple (which is about my level of understanding) I suggest the following:

    Three objects are in orbit around a star (A, B, C).
    Object A is an emerging civilization who who must calculate distance properly in order to understand the universe as is object C. B is an object at rest wrt A & B.

    Object A is the innermost planet with simple circular orbit.
    Object C is the outermost planet with a retrograde simple circular orbit.
    Object A & B are traveling at the same speed wrt to C in opposite directions, thus both are approaching C at the same speed.
    Object B is a planet in a simple circular geosynchronous orbit.

    The setup is this: Both A & B are approaching object C. While both A & C are at the same distance from C they both take a light measurement of object C at the same time from the point of view of an omnipotent observer. A & B are not equal, however. The subjective time of object A is .5t wrt B which is = to 1t.

    Object C is 2 light minutes away, at time of measurement, from both A & B.
    So, B measures the distance to be 2 light minutes away and A measures the distance to be (edit) '1' should be '4' (/edit) light minute(s) away?

    How do these two frames of reference agree, assuming that the difference in subjective time is due to the respective gravitation of A & B?

    Is there a way for both A & B to correct their observational measure so they can arrive at a mutually agreeable or universal distance?
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