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Life changing technology

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    Every once in a while a technological advance is made that changes our lives such as electricity, telephones, the internet, mobile phones, cars etc.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to what the next big technological advance may be like?
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    mobile electricity generation units - capable of creating wattage! of power using something like air!

    that would revolutionise everything! and keep them pesky "oh nucklear power stations are bad" people at bay!
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    Well, it is difficult to say. I think with enough time, wireless computing will revolutionize the world.

    And while a portable and efficient generator would be nice, it doesn't seem realistic. Perhaps when hydrogen fuel cells advance enough, but I don't think you'd be able to generate enough power from air to power a fan, much less any kind of large appliance.

    Ya, I'd definetly say being able to carry PF and the rest of the internet in your pocket anywhere you go would be revolutionary.

    Perhaps improvements in transportation, such as auto-pilot on major highways, more efficient vehicles, less SUVs and less cops.

    And maybe the quantum researchers can suprise us with something too.
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    They sound cool. How close are we to this at the moment or is it just a thought?
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    i think nanotechnology has the potential to benifit mankind in a massive way, and it's not very far off at all, but it's the sort of tehnology for the rich that might never be of real consequence to the rest of the world unless we make sure it doesn't go the same way as alot of modern medicine, straight to the bank
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    ah good i don't have to say anything. kudos.
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    There at about the same level of development as every other perpetual motion hoax...
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