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Life from a different perspective.

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    You're a newly born ant. As you grow, you help the colony build its home and ensure the future of the next generation. You understand this is what you were born to do.

    The world is how you know it, and because of this, you desire nothing more or less of it. You and your colony have explored every inch of this incredible land, and resources are abundant. You eat what you can find, you build what you can with the materials you have, and you thrive on the sun that warms you. Life is sweet.

    It's evident that the Invisible Shield makes sure the colony doesn't fall off of the world; without it, life would surely cease to exist. You thank it for its existence every day and hope it stays strong. Sometimes you worry because periodic vibrations rattle your home planet. Perhaps the Invisible Shield is weakening. This thought can spark panic and fear sometimes, but the vibrations are part of life, and you cope with it. The vibrations happened again today. Perhaps the Gods are angry.

    Unbeknownst to you, the sun is actually a lamp. The Invisible Shield is nothing but a plastic container, and the vibrations are simply the results of a human child rapping his finger on the walls. You're an ant in an ant farm, and your entire planet was bought for five dollars at a pet store. The humans give you food and building supplies and created the world you live in. The humans feel powerful, knowing that the made your home for you to live in. They watch you grow and build your colony every day, grinning in self-satisfaction. They may be smiling, but in a different galaxy, a different time, a happy little creature just purchased an Earth kit.

    Afterthoughts: This perspective of life has been bugging me for a while, and I desperately needed to get it out of my head. Thoughts?

    PS. I'm not saying ants can contemplate philosophy or belieive in gods. I also know many people view God as the creator of life, and nothing in the above scenario implies that humans created ants. It's just some stuff to think about, so please, take it easy on the technicalities because I know you're picking 'em out just as I am. Hope you enjoyed it.
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    Reminds me of Men in Black II,but a good point.Think of this,what if the God we know,is an alien.What if the bible or quran is a good story they told certain humans in differnt parts of the world at differnt times.Just to install not only a fear but a instict to be lawful and in a lot of ways to have the majority of the world under control backed by a solem believe in their regional heritage or religion which are all basically the same ideas(no murdering,no stealing,no denying the Gods,ect)Some could argue not all civilizations are so lawful(Mayans,Incans,ect),but these civilizations are said to have the closest evidense of having ET relationships.For instance a picture of a man, made of large stone formations that can only be made out from a couple of miles in the air,or pictures carved in a cave of a lightbulb thousands of years before it was even considered.Even in Europe there is evidense with pictures of a being in a spacesuit,or renascence paintings of a simple scene but if you look in the background you can clearly see the artist added a flying disk shaped object flying over head.Say they come every two hundered years and for a long time we hadn't much changed.now say the last time they came was in 1721.We were still riding horses and the greatest thing at the time was gunpowder.Even if someone did see a UFO they probably would have been called crazy or worst if they said so.So nothing happen,they came,they saw,they dipped.Then they come back on there bi-annual tour to this quadron,and imagine what they saw in 1921.Electricty,powered flight,communcations,industry,growth,destruction,WORLD WAR.They probably flipped the Scrip.They decide to futher explore and end up being chased by airplans and shot at by American armed forces(which did happen,but I don't think it was in 1921).What if they decide we are to stronge for our on good and are technologicly is over advanced for are current social level.Then we go further and explore space,land on differnt planets,develop nuclear warheads,and are edging ever so closer to them and their endeavors and yet we still haven't made any progress towards socially advancing so they decide the experiment is over and they pull the plug.What do you think would happen?
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    I seem to remember reading somewhere that there is a very credible scientific hypothesis that goes something like this :

    IF it is possible for intelligent life to evolve to the point where it can either "create" or "seed" new worlds with life, then (given that the universe is some 14 billion years old) it is quite possible that such an intelligent life has already reached that stage of evolution - hence for every one example of such highly evolved intelligent life there should be many examples of "created" or "seeded" worlds..... and we could be one of them......

    I don't recall the details of the argument, but its something like the above.

    Sure, it's possible that we could be an experiment in some alien's lab. It's also possible that there are fairies at the bottom of my garden. It's also possible that the riders of the Apocalypse will come galloping over the horizon tomorrow..... there are millions of other possible speculations - take your pick.

    But I for one shan't waste any time or intellectual effort worrying about the consequences of such an idea unless and until I see some real evidence that supports the idea.....

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