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Life in Canada and elsewhere

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    Ivan Seeking

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    I am interested in hearing about life in Canada; Vancouver BC in particular. Tsu and I have considered leaving the US for many years. In light of the election we are more serious than ever. This place is getting scary! :surprised

    Please give your best sales pitch for your best place to live outside of the US.
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    Come to Brunei, the country where there hasn't been a murder case for years, and where no one is intelligent enough to even contemplate murder/suicide.

    In short, it's a great life here.

    EDIT: Oh, there is just one more thing I would like to add. The population of Brunei numbers only 350,000 so you might get a little lonely from talking to the trees. However, that's better than talking to the bush, isn't it? :wink:
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    Hrm... while I'm not in BC, Ontario is great too!

    We have tons of scenery and CLEAN air. Lots of nature around and it is beautiful many times of the year. Not too hot in the summer, winters you might need to adjust to.

    In Canada we value liberty and are more liberal than those south of the border. Decriminalization of MJ will be happening sooner than later it seems. We don't ban things like gay marriage? Even if these two don't affect you at all it is still reflective of how great we are.

    You can still buy guns here, just not concealed carry (or carry at all for that matter).

    Healthcare isn't the greatest but it isn't too bad either. If you can't sit for a couple hours in the ER for non life threatening treatment when it is FREE then you can....go fly a kite ;)

    THE BEER AND THE WOMEN are reason enough to come over to the dark side :biggrin:

    You can always take pride and feel secure in the fact neither Iran or NK will light a nuke off on your a$$ when reich marshal instates your next war.

    Religion isn't nearly as big here nor does it rule our politics.

    Our students perform above the USA in school rankings so it would be a better place to raise children.

    Crime? Murders? The total number of homicides in Canada is pretty darn small (around 600 yearly). While we have less people the incidence rate is much smaller too.

    Toronto is the multicultural city in the world? (reflects our acceptance of everyone)

    The question you should ask yourself is why DON'T you want to come here? :smile:
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    But the tress don't spout fundamentalism at you, remember that.
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    No ? go down to texas
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    Touche. I concede.
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    :rofl: @ tumor and franz
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    I was just reading what the CIA factbook had to say about Brunei and I have some questions.
    What is Shari's Law?
    Does Brunei have a parliament?
    How much power does the Sultanate have?
    How much tension is there with Malaysia?
    Is there segregation in Brunei and how bad is it? (paticularly between muslims and Christians)
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    Everything you want to know about canada you can find by listening to Arrogant Worms. :rofl: :rofl:

    sad but true... :cry:
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    The only bad thing about Canada is that it's full of Canadians. And it's such a pain buying anything. I don't think they accept Canadian coins even in Canada.

    I remember reading the Guiness Book of World Records when I was little and the kid who got the biggest allowance was from Brunei. He got several hundred thousand every week if I remember correctly.
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    Ivan, Vancouver is a wonderful and beautiful international city that embraces many different cultures. I would be very curious to know what it would take for an American to become a citizen there. While I do have faith that America can be one of the greatest nations, I also think the whole censorship in general will begin to infringe on our liberties more and more because we have a government now dominated by conservatives.

    The people are wonderful there, at least in BC. There aren't issues like we have here, I think Canada can set a great example to Americans of how to behave. The drawback of Canada is many parts are frigid cold. That for me is hard to deal with, but I guess to others, the rain in my part of the world is hard for some to deal with as well. I am just so used to it, I don't even think twice about it let alone bring an umbrella.

    Anyone know what it takes for an American to become a Canadian citizen without having to marry one? I heard you need a lot of money and an attorney, but that's it.
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    Come to Spain. Here you are allowed to say anything stupid and non sense, without having nobody scolding you for doing that. That's our democracy.

    Also, you will have the best food in the world, the best red wine (surely you will put on weight). You can dance in discotheques and go to pubs until the 4 A.M. without being afraid for disturbing the neighbors (f..ck them!). This is, again our democracy.

    And for being a foreign man, the police will never fine you, because the fines are only for spanish people (that's our burocracy).

    If you want something more, and if you hate USA, nevermind!. Here our goverment is arising an anti-americanism campaign, believing increduly that another european governments will make the same instead of bending their knees in front of Bush (that's our intelligent prime minister).

    In fact you will pay some time of fun and food with high taxes and low journals, and with a poor technologic and social situation.

    Come to Spain!!
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    Try taking this:
    http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/skilled/assess/Education.asp [Broken]
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    Sharia's Law is an Islamic law. You can do a search on it online.

    The parliament reopened just a few weeks ago. However, the Sultan still retains absolute power. More here.

    There are some territorial disputes on land, and more recently, offshore in the oil and gas ridge areas of the deepwater offshore. The two governments are still on very friendly terms.

    As in any other country, there is segregation to some degree. However, it is no worse than in Singapore.
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    I think this is a great idea. There are so many different style governments throughout the world that it makes perfect sense to find a government you like then move to that country.

    As seen with our last election most Americans like the USA just the way it is. We dont want socialism. We like the pledge of alligence just the way it is. We dont want to see two guys making out in the park when playing frisbee with our kids. Christmas is the celibration of the birth of Christ!!

    So I think this is a great idea I just wish more complainers would follow your lead and leave. This would also make the presidental election a little less stressful.


    P.S. Take Michael Moore with you!!! :devil:
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    and here lies why Americans have a negative reputation...
  18. Nov 5, 2004 #17
    I want to feel good about humanity and here in the U.S. I can't. Things are getting worse with no end in sight. I'm with you, life somewhere is what I need. But I'm not sure I can just turn my back on what's going on here.. I'm still thinking about it.
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    drama drama drama
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    take it from someone whos lived from one end of the country to another, every province is different the people the climat and the scenery, they are all gorgous(in there own way), generaly people are friendly and courtyous, you'll have to visit to find what you really re looking for, BC is gorgeous, if you like skiing the the mountains are right there, in the summer you want to go surfing, you can do that too, winter is mild and temperate(but it rains lots), summer is no too hot either.
    but Ontario has a lot to offer also, i wont list everything but its worth a visit thats for sure

    oh and our beer and women are great
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    Ivan Seeking

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    It seems that we are not alone. This morning the Canadian government released a statement to Americans reminding them the they must immigrate like everyone else. Luckily - according to the Canadian immigration site - as degreed professionals Tsu and I stand a good chance of getting in.

    There was also a map shown on the news [source unknown] that shows the United States of Canada, which includes the western and NE Kerry states, and Jesusland down below in red. :rolleyes:
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