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LIfe is nothing but lessons

  1. Oct 16, 2004 #1
    Does anyone believe in the new age idea that life is mearly lessons? that we are spirits embodied in this form to learn the hard way if you like...
    Im sure this belief dates back to older religions such as buddhism, but im interested to know if anyone litterally believes this and if so, why?
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    without a doubt! nothing else makes rational sense.

    objectively, how can we believe that we are born to redeem sins committed by someone waaaaay back in acient history?? any idea of heaven or bliss or nirvana becomes a boring experience.

    we just are. what we do is within the process of becoming.

    now, is part of this process to accomplish our personal goal(s) without harming, injuring any other soul?

    olde drunk
  4. Oct 30, 2004 #3
    That is way too simplistic. Looking out at the universe, I can't imagine that is the answer. Did the galaxies have to take spinning lessons? Did the sun have to learn to shine? I think that these things are, and we are moving through the very limited venue, we think we inhabit. There is a reason that we feel as if we are conscious in a three dimensional world, and that we answer to someone. But, I think we are just looking into this borrowed picture, with borrowed eyes. Mesmerized for now, we will ultimately move on to something more interesting.
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