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Life live

  1. Jun 11, 2009 #1
    I say "I live, she live, he live" but is there a word mean "I offer life"

    I can say I offer life but it long and I need a word only

    I check my dictionary: there isnot meaning say "I live him"

    I mean
    Verb: to live + object (huhu :smile:i miss my Enlgish teachers) exist ?

    Thank you
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    "I birthed him."

    "I animated him."

    "I created him."

    I can't think of a word that captures the notion of "offering life", since the notion of 'offer' necessarily contains the possibility of acceptance or refusal, but how can such a decision come from he who does not have life?
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    the word life is often used to refer to a certain way of living as opposed to simply life vs death.

    "I offered him a new life."

    It could also be used in a super natural context,

    "I offer you everlasting life,"

    Or it could actually be used to suggest the possibility of taking life,

    "Do you want life or death?"

    I have no idea what the original poster is asking though. His English is...not really English.
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    And I got attacked for saying his english isn't very good.
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