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Life On Europa?

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    With the protection of the ice sheet(from Jupiter's gama rays), possibly geo-thermal vents on its ocean floor, does anybody think we will find life in the oceans of Europa?

    If so, complex or simple?
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    If the energy is low, which I suspect it is, then I suspect that complex life forms may not have had enough time to evolve. It might depend on what you consider complex though.

    Cosmic radiation is considered harmful by us Earthlings, but I wonder if it could be a possible energy source on a place like Europa. I wonder if there could be other possible energy sources too.
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    I think simple life forms are always a possibility if a hospitable environment exists. I doubt that complex [mulitcellar] life forms have much of a chance. Of course this presupposes carbon based life forms, but, until evidence of non-carbon based life is discovered, I think it is a reasonable assumption.
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