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Life on Mars

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    Hai everybody! Could there be Life on Mars ?Are there any chances that the martians could be living.

    Once a report was published stating that a female was seen on the Mars,is that true ?

    Another report came stating that Water is found in the rocks as crystallized water.

    Can we assume that life is possible on MARS?
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    Yes, there was a woman on Mars, and it is a rock.
    Yes, water was fonud becuse there was a water. and Yes of course we can assome that life exists on MARDS
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    There could be life of Mars, yes. No compelling evidence yet, depending on who you talk to.

    Recent detection of methane in AMrs' atmo suggests a possible life-based source, but it could also be volcanism or other inorganic processes.

    Reports about creatures on Mars of any sort or gender are nonsense.

    Water has been confirmed on Mars. Quite a lot of it possibly. There's even some convincing evidence of liquid water.

    We definitely cannot assume there is life on Mars, but it's a very hot area of study.
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    yes - a female with large breasts. Quite a disappointment when continued examination failed.

    No lonton, we can't assume life exists on mars anywhere but earth, the pompous Sagan not withstanding.
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