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Life on Venus?

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    I choose this site because it displays the pictures, but the article is hitting all the news sites:


    Considering extreme life does exist on earth is it possible that it does exist on Venus. After all the thick acidic cloudy atmosphere could be good a habitat for life, something like an ocean of water...

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    On the other hand this could be a means to sell subscriptions or articles! The photos could be debris that have fallen off the space probe and their motion is caused by wind gusts.

    Each article in Solar System Research will set you back $35.00.

    35*...Oh let's say 50,000 curious science savy web surfers = $1,750,000.00!...
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    I have little faith in the integrity of sensational russian claims.
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    What I saw in those pics were parts fabricated by man. Looks like the lander is falling apart. Considering the corrosive nature of the Venus atmosphere this seems rather natural. As for, here now, gone in 26 min, I would guess that the wind is strong. The atmosphere is very dense so even a low wind would be hard to resist. Some of the other "images" could be contamination of the optics system.
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    Check on Extremophile - Wikipedia some time. Many organisms can metabolize and grow and reproduce in environments that would quickly kill us. However, all Earth organisms need water being liquid inside of themselves to do those things.

    The main problem with living in the air is avoiding sinking downward. Clouds are impermanent, despite their appearance. Their particles continually fall, and for the cloud to persist, the particles must get replenished. For water droplets or ice crystals, it's condensation from the atmosphere, and likely also condensation for Venus's clouds.

    There are several approaches to flying:
    • Buoyancy. No organism is known that does that. One can nevertheless imagine an organism that has a big bubble in it that it fills with hydrogen, thus acting like a mini or micro zeppelin.
    • Gliding or parachuting. Used by some plant seeds, like dandelion and maple ones, and also by some animals, like "flying" squirrels. Some birds seek updrafts ("thermals") and glide in them to fly upward; "dynamic soaring" is a similar technique involving moving between regions of air with different speeds.
    • Powered flight. Animals have invented powered flight 4 times: birds, bats, pterosaurs, insects.
    However, no organism is known that is 100% aerial. Even those that can spend much of their life in the air, like albatrosses, must land to do certain things.

    So it would be hard for an organism to permanently live in Venus's clouds. The same can be said of the clouds of the outer planets, which have a similar lack of a habitable solid surface below them.
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    Sagan and others are referring to microbial life. In any case, we need not go to Venus to find that type of cloud-dwelling life since it is present right here on earth.


    Such Venusian cloud bacteria, if indeed they exist, are hypothesized to have migrated there slowly over the eons as the planet's surface environment gradually became hostile to surface life.
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    Thats a nice fuzzy rock. Omg look, theyre everywhere!
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    It's the same with the our moon and Mars photos where people are claiming to see cities, trees, and statues but which all look like rock outcroppings on closer inspection. Nature will display all kinds of patterns and some will resemble things that are man-made. It will also toss debris about and make it appear to move under its own power. I'm surprised they haven't focused attention that way on Titan yet.
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