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Life style

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    Hi hello. :cool:
    I have a Project. My topic is Indian Lifestyles.Its got to do with the changing trends in the way, standard of living of people now and then.Please help me out.:zzz:
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    I suggest you either go to a library and do some research, the librarian will be a great help in finding material for you, or at the very least do a search of reliable sources on the internet.
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    You should try to make some clear-headed divisions, for example:

    1. Rural life
    Here, see how for example agricultural technology has had impact on people's life, and how, for example, modern media like television has "expanded" the horizons of the individual, causing change.
    Another important distinction would be impoverization/emigration to cities etc.
    How are old class divisions, say between landholder and tenant changed?

    2. Urban life:
    Effect of immigration from rural areas/slum development
    New classes of rich people
    Materialism vs. "spiritual" culture

    Of course, this was meant more as an "inspirational", rather than a firm guideline.
    Other divisions and analyses might be equally interesting, say how differing religious groups have changed or tenaciously held on to their religion.
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    But then its got to deal with some latest trends like the standard of living of people,culture.
    Any idea in which website pictures relatin these would be...?:confused:
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    Forget website and pictures, look around you and talk to people.
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    A Catchy title for Adolocense
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