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    It's been awhile since I've posted regularly (2-3 years in fact). I was wondering if any of yall are true originals from way back when. Do any of you remember a member by the name of "Lifegazer"? Is he still around or what? I remember I used to always have heated discussions about his idea of "the mind". Let me know any information if you have it. Thanks!

    And hopefully I'll be returning regularly now that I have more time.

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    Let's just say Lifegazer left PF a while back. However, you can still find his silly arguments on the randi.org forums.
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    Oh yes, how can anyone forget Lifegazer ... the power of the mind ?! 10_1_11.gif

    When did he leave, how and why ? He had some interesting pet theories.
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    hmm, not sure that we want to start a thread on a member specifically, no matter how "memorable" they are...
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    I was just curious ... since LG and I have had tons of discussions/fights/arguments ... 4_1_200.gif

    Dont answer if you dont want to ... or lock the thread if you think its inappropriate
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    jimmy p

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    Didnt he post recently (well a couple of months ago) on the Politics and World Affairs forum?
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    Tom Mattson

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    The whole story can be found here, folks.
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