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Lifes meaning (original topic i know)

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    So a long long time ago this girl came to a chat forum looking for answers and meaning. What she ended up finding was another social outlet where she could goof off and make herself feel cool

    Now she's back onto her quest, and she is determined to find the meaning of life and all its glory. What she needs though is a place to begin her journey...

    So lets say your trying to discover the meaning of life, and you want to share it with the world. Where would you begin?
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    First, take a lot of data. In other words - live.

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    Do you mean to find a meaning to life in general, or to your own life?
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    Re: Re: Lifes meaning (original topic i know)

    Either or... doesn't matter, i suppose either will just lead me to the other right?
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    I would begin under the stars.

    - Warren
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    Lifes meaning ... by serving the others

    You begin with yourself.
    Look to the world and see what you can do positively for it.
    Add you personal value(s) and use your talents in making this world a better place.
    Everyone can do it in his way.
    Be part of the wholeness, don't choose loneliness (egoism).
    That's almost the full meaning of life.

    Reading your signature ... you know this of course. (your are just testing us!):wink:
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    I'm going to take a very common position here:

    The purpose of humanity as a collective is to one day control our surroudings.

    The purpose of life is to surpass ourselves and constantly improve on our mistakes. You break away from morality. Thats when one can escape the feeling of futility which I think you're trying to describe.

    Above all, the point is to enjoy life. Do what you want and don't let anything or anyone hold you back.
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    Establish that life exists and has objective meaning.
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    The truth is that no one can really tell you what the meaning is because the meaning is very diffenrt in most minds. Finding meaning can be a simple task or the hardest task you have ever taken. It's the kind of meaning you can accept and truly believe to be the right meaning.
    My meaning is which completes my life to a certian degree (if it totally completed it i would be dead) is that i should enjoy the good and bad and adapt to the bad as quick as possible. And not to take any thing as completely mine for nothing truly belongs to you. I try to expect everything and outcome so if aliens decide to come i won't freak out and insist that it is impossible. Fact is just about everything is possible. Including Gale being the reborn Jesus.
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    I think the answer to that question wouldnt be as riveting as everyone thinks. Humans have a purpose, but i think it is much more primitive, and much less philosophical then most people think. What if the meaning of life is to eat, sleep, reproduce, and die? It seems sensible, but it doesnt seem all that pious.

    Sad but possibly true.
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    Life has many different meanings: It sometimes is used to mean the state of being alive, all living things, a type of cereal, etc..
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    Ok but seriously, life is whatever you percieve it to be. Explaining the meaning of life to someone is like trying to explain what chocolate tastes like to someone who's never eaten, or explaing what something looks like to someone who's never been able to see. Some things you just have to experience for yourself, like life, and it's meaning. What is the meaning of life? That's such a broad question. It infers the questioning reasons why we are here. Maybe that's not so important. Maybe we just ARE, through random biological chance. There's a more important question than why, and that's what-as in what are you going to do with the life you've been given?
  14. Oct 29, 2003 #13
    The meaning of life is right now.
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    Meaning is what keeps us going. We are not seeking the point of life. The point is easy to find.
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    Ow! My brain hurts already. The truth is we don't have a good enough definition of "life", and there's no empirical evidence to suggest that it (if it exists) has a meaning at all.

    Leave it to you to bring us back to square one, FZ+! :wink:
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    Re: Re: Re: Lifes meaning (original topic i know)

    Well, that's the thing. You can either believe that your personal life has a meaning, and all other lives have their own individual meanings, or that there is a collective meaning to all lifeforms. In the first case, you will be able to discover the meaning of your own life, but everyone else will have to discover their own for themselves. In the second case, the discovery of your own purpose will lead you to the discovery of the purpose of all life. I don't know which opinion you subscribe to (though, of course, there is the third option: that there is no meaning to life; individual or otherwise, but you wouldn't have asked the question if you held this opinion).
  19. Oct 29, 2003 #18
    ok well i don't necessarily need someone to just tell me the meaning, but if i were to seriously go out looking for it. Any kind of meaning, to find whether it exists or no. I just want opinions on where you'd begin looking. Places to go, things to do, people to see, ect. Just, things that'd be usefull if you were looking for some revelation or enlightenment or something.
  20. Oct 29, 2003 #19
    Im shocked jesus herself needs to ask the PF for the meaning of life.

    Anyway, I doubt youll find an answer thats profound enough to give you complete confidence its correct.

    Couldn't the meaning of life simply be to survive? Seems to make sense to me...most fundamental drive of all life seems to be, just endure.
  21. Oct 30, 2003 #20
    By making the post to the forum, you have made the analogy to a bigger picture,but although the quest has started, the direction of your QUEST-ions is directionally incorrect.

    The first port of call should be to your parents, why did they push you?...what is their meaning of life?..without being crude..one can ask if they were playing out the Universe's collision instructions, by colliding bodily together, another Universe detaches from them.

    Although time stamps you to your mothers womb worldline, you have a conscious link to both parents upon birth, the questions you raise are inherent to every conscious observer, is the Big-Bang a collision of higher extended processes?

    It is known that life carrying cells at the moment of conception, start to revolve exactly the same rotation as the Milky-Way, it may be that what we perceive as the Big-bang, the route we have taken from some singularity, is no more than a patchy world-line information of our parents Lovemaking..and as we evolve into the consciousness of life, we somehow attach all the earlier informaitons gathered, and transfer it into our Cosmic Horizon in the form of reasons?
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