Life's unexpected journey

  1. What is the greatest surprise which life has dealt you?
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  3. Astronuc

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    The times I didn't die (or survived with minimal injury) and the time when my youngest brother died from leukemia.
  4. lisab

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    That being a mom is so much fun.
  5. Evo

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    That I never misplaced my children.
  6. Moonbear

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    I'm not sure. Lots of things have turned out differently than I expected, though usually have turned out well. I just don't know which is most surprising.
  7. The end of the sixth sense.
  8. jim hardy

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    i graduated.
  9. Was it love or was it mania? Probably both. I wish it on desirers and doubters. And yes, lightning can strike twice, even if not in the same place.
  10. wukunlin

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    haven't seen much out of ordinary in my (21-year) journey yet
  11. turbo

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    Is it "unexpected" that I'm not dead already (despite engaging in risky activities)? It's hard to say, since I'm still here to respond...

    White-water kayaking, technical rock climbing with no previous training, extreme skiing in Maine with too many sessions on on "boilerplate" made of man-made snow, too many sessions of "pushing the envelope" with motorcycles... I could have died dozens of times, but held on. I'll probably get hit by a pulp-truck tomorrow. I hope Duke is OK.
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  12. rock on :)
  13. life itself
  14. Couldn't have said it better myself :)
  15. Deveno

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    the suicide of my wife.
  16. jim hardy

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    now that's a tough one.

    i hope you found some support.
    on a happier note,

    Joy to the world..

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