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B Lifespan of a blue giant

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    Hi. I couldn't find good information of this online, so I'll ask here.
    I'm wondering what the maximum possible lifespan of a particular star.
    Here's what is known of it:
    It's a B class-blue giant star.
    Its surface temperature is 25,000 K.
    (This is very vague and may offer no help but:) It has no lower than 40,000 G force, and no more than 2.7 Billion.
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    The hyperphysics calculator tells me a B class star with a mass of 16 solar masses has a maximum lifetime of around 10 million years.

    I have no idea what this means.
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    The lifespan of a main sequence star is estimated based upon its mass, as follows:

    Main Sequence Stellar Lifespan ≅ 1010 x M-2.5
    Where M = Solar Masses

    Based upon the information you provided, a spectral type B main sequence star with a effective surface temperature of 25,000°K, should have a mass somewhere between 12 and 13 M, which would give it a lifespan somewhere between 16.4 million and 20 million years.

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    20 million sounds about right.
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    Thanks you lot.
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