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Light and prisms .

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    Light and prisms.....


    I'm trying to create an light effect similar to a laser line generator (like you find on laser spirit levels). but I want to use a regular torch rather than a laser diode. I heard somewhere you can replicate this effect using glass prisms to project a bright white line of light agains a wall. Any ideas?


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    Andy Resnick

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    Re: Light and prisms.....

    I am unaware of any device that does this- line generators can be either cylindrical lenses or more commonly diffractive elements. Neither will work for a broadband source, chromatic dispersion will give you lots of pretty rainbows (which is fine, but probably not what you want).

    Another problem with using a torch (flashlight?) is that the radiance (the angular spread of light emission) is significantly different than a laser- without getting into details, oftentimes a laser is treated as a point source in a design, and since a filament (or filament + reflector) is not a point source, using a filament in a design optimized for a point source leads to a lot of aberrations.
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    Re: Light and prisms.....


    I see what you mean, I had this idea because I saw a straight beam of daylight projected on a wall through a wine glass, the wine glass had a decorative chamfer patten cut into its surface. I was wondering if this could replicated with a flashlight and prisms? If so what prisms would I need. Guess I need to experiment with different shapes of glass.


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