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Light and Refraction!

  1. Jan 14, 2009 #1
    Ok so im not sure how to do this problem the only equation i am familiar with that might have to do with it but im not so sure it is used on this problem the equation is dsin(-)=wavelength

    the question is

    2.Compare the wavelength or frequency range of the visible light our eyes can see to the range of radio light. Red wavelength = 700 nanometers, frequency = 4.29 x 1014 Hz Violet wavelength = 400 nanometers, frequency = 7.5 x 1014 Hz Radio (AM radio) wavelength = 555 m, frequency = 5.4 x 105 Hz (540 kHz) Microwave (microwave oven) wavelength = 12 cm, frequency = 2.5 x 109 Hz What is the ratio of red to violet light compared to the ratio of AM radio to microwaves? Give the ratios for either wavelength or frequency.

    thank you!
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    It's just a ratio problem. How does the ratio (700 nanometers)/(400 nanometers) compare to the ratio of (555 m)/(12 cm)? That's all.
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    o ok thank you
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