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Light and time travel

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    1.Light is moving so fast that is apparently stopped.But it ain't.Photons of light come and go.
    Now the question: Is light seeing us stopped?Like we arent moving?

    Thats a dumb question.Of course the light sees us stopped.If i ride a photon of light from Sun to Earth everything is stopped.8 minutes.In minute 3 she reads and in minute 7 she drinks coffee.
    To continue my journey.I can zoom and see her when i ride my photon of light,my beam of light.In minute 3 i zoom and see her read but i cant see her move.Perfectly fine.
    In minute 7 i zoom again and see her drink but i cant see her move.
    What if i zoom and keep looking at what she is doing?If the time has stopped...how will she move from reading to drinking?
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    Sorry, you cannot travel at the speed of light. There is no such thing as "riding a photon." The speed of light is c in all reference frames. There is no reference frame in which a photon is at rest.
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    The same question that Einstein asked.
    What will you see if you ride a beam of light?
    So?It has been answered until now or not?

    And one more question.Time travel.Is just a theory or a fact? (based on light speed)
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