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Light and Time.

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    I have a question for you, well actually two.
    If we measure speed using light, then would light not only be a wave/particle but time as well? Now supposing that above question was right would time be the fourth dimension then, which is time if I can remember correctly?
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    Time and Light

    No one knows what time really is. The nature of time is a mystery, but I like your idea that light could be time. The fact that we use light to measure time does not mean it has to be time. We also use the rotation of the earth to measure time, but that doesn't mean the rotation of the earth IS time.
    I don't know how you concluded that time is the fourth dimension from your proposition that light is time.
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    Why have you decided that time exists? Perhaps, it is nothing but another human illusion.
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    If you want to pursue this line of discussion, please do so in the Philosophy forum, which already has an existing thread.

    Otherwise, can you please describe how you would make a complete description of the dynamics of a system without invoking any aspect of "time"? Until you can do that, you will understand that the rest of physics considers the time dimension as a necessary component (as much as the spatial dimension) in describing any and all dynamical systems.

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    I agree that time is integrated part of different dynamical systems in abstract models invented by humans. Time is closely related with the origins and development of the Universe. They say the Universe was formed after big bang. Was this the reference point of time? Could time exist independantly of the Universe or they are inseperable?
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    You are asking a bunch of esoteric (and frankly, highly speculative) questions that would probably be tolerated in Philosophy, but highly ambiguous in physics. I suggest you continue this in that forum within the existing thread.

    The suggestion that time is an "illusion" should no longer be brought up here since you have stated your inability to describe a dynamical system without it.

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