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Light as solid matter

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    As we eplore the heavens with ever more sophistocated devices we are beginning to see space as litterally filled to the brim with energy of all sorts. To explain myself I need to onfine all space into a managble size, lets say one cubic foot of solid matter, steel. All galaxies are contained within this space seperated by steel (LIGHT). Now lets pick two points within this space, say a and b. Now lets move from a to b at any speed you would like. because this block of steel is solid you would see this solid material as moving away from you at the same speed no matter what direction you were looking in, and an observer watching you pass would see the solid material between as moving at the same solid speed between you. It is presumtuous of us to think of light as the thing that is moving and not us who are moving through it.
    All matter is made of light, when you break down the make up of matter and come to the conclusion that atoms are energy, and energy is light. In this solid universe all things are connected intimatly.
    It is also important to remember that you are not a forign object passing through light, but a permeation or harmonic of light itself which is why light provides no resistance to any matter.
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