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Light Behaviour Please Help

  1. Jun 14, 2003 #1
    The wave model of light can describe a particular behaviour of light while the particle model is unable to account for this observation of light behaviour... What is this specific behaviour? and how does the wave model account for the behaviour and allow us to determine the wavelength of light[?]...i need help asap...thanks
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    This sounds suspiciously like homework!

    Waves disply the interference of amplitudes, and if you make a periodic array in space, a diffraction grating, you can use it to determine wavelength.
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    The classic experiment is Young's experiment.

    Set up a ray of monochromatic light at two sets of diffraction slitting, with one slit on the first set and two slits on the second. Shining the light at the first slit produces interference patterns behind the second, which cannot be explained without waves.

    Crappy ASCII diagram ahead! ~ = empty space

    ~~~~~~~~~~~|~~~~~~~* Light and dark bands
    source O~~~~~~~~~~|~~*
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