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Light deflection and telescope images

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    My speculative question on the subject is in the sphere of Einstein General relativity applying to the problem.
    So we all now know that when light passes close to some massive objects its path is slightly changed
    from its original trajectory.That's called deflection. So How will this phenomena of light deflection due to ceaselessly
    moving different kinds of masses of different objects like stars planets galaxies clusters et.c . THROUGH
    spacetime continium constantly wraping its curvature in different manners eventually obscure our observation of aliens on their
    remote distant planet via our future telescope networks as the paths of photons constructing the image
    will follow the lines of this constantly changing wraped continium.My critical thinking shows that the result should be some kind of total mess rest from the original
    image we pretend to observe shouldnt it ?
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    Please edit!! After "deflection" it's quite garbled.
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