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Light light?

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    light light??

    hi u guz.
    heres a confusing question. does light have mass.
    I have always belived so , but i recieved a confusing argument,:- light may be a wave particle and be effected by gravity, but that is becuz energy and mass are two forms of thesame thing. so light is the
    form of a packet of energy rather than something that has mass.

    So Plz help clear this confusion:frown: Does light have mass?
    does a photon hav mass?
    If not then why is it affected by gravity?
    Thanks in advance.
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    Re: light light??

    Y'know, we get so many of these questions repeatedly. I know we have an FAQ for this Physics Forums dealing with users and administrative stuff. How about a physics FAQ dealing with these common questions? (Or do we have one already and I'm too dumb to notice?) I know the USENET has a huge database of FAQ's. Maybe we should have something similar? It doesn't even have to contain anything other than a set of links to various websites that answer these questions satisfactorily.

    ... or maybe I'm just barking at the wrong tree by suggesting it on here? :)

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