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I Light orbiting black holes

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    light orbiting black holes
    If light can orbit a black hole, and it is continuously coming in from every direction, wouldn't it get "crowded" in there over billions of years?
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    Those orbits are not stable and the light will fall into the black hole as a result of even the tiniest gravitational disturbance. Since objects in the universe are always moving around, these disturbances happen constantly, so it never has a chance to build up.
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    stefan r

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    Light that is "coming into the black hole" will always spiral in. The only photons that could have a stable orbit are created (or reflected) at the orbital radius. Then what Drakkith said applies to that too.
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    Yes it gets crowded and the result of that is a quasar
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    The photonsphere of a black hole is merely an illusion. It has no physicality and is no more real than a rainbow.
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