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Light Pyshics

  1. Aug 4, 2009 #1

    I have to question which i can not find any information on

    !st question: is it possible to control the length of a light beam

    2nd question: is there any form of light which are viable in daylight and air without the use of a haze machine

    or is the plasma phenomenon the only visible light


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    You can control the length of a light beam by putting something in the way to block it!
    You can't preset a light beam to only travel X metres.

    You can only see light if enters your eye. Light travels in a straight line so the only way to see a light beam is to reflect light out of the beam into your eye (assuming you aren't looking directly into the source!) this is what dust or smoke does.
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    Someone wants to build a lightsabre, huh? ;)
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    Thanks for the reply s so far

    and no light sabres lol
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