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Homework Help: Light rays through a window pane

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    I know a prisim can be used to disperse white light into colors. This does not happen when a beam of light passes through a window pane.Why not?( the light may or may not be entering the glass window along the normal. The light does not disperse into colors).

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    Doc Al

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    what light through yonder window...

    Well... figure it out. What happens when a monochromatic beam of light is incident upon a window pane at an oblique angle? Does refraction take place? What angle does the light beam exit the pane compared to its original direction? Where does the light exit the pane?

    Now... what if the beam contained several colors? What's different about how they each pass through the window pane?

    Then compare it to a prism. What are the key differences between a prism and a pane of glass?
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