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Light speed relative to universal speed

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    Light speed relative to universal speed....

    HI guys,

    Just a simple request for confirmation that I have it right.

    It may seem so obvious to you but to me I just need to confirm with currently held thought ( this forum ) that the photon travells at relativistically zero velocity with the universe's speed through time.....

    The diagram I think shows this fundamental clearly enough. Is the diagram correct in it's proposition?
    ( the figure given for 'c' is relative to ambience of course)

    single web page diagram

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    makes sense to me but I am no graduate of relativity
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    What's the "universe's speed through time?" More particularly, what's "the universe," and how can it perceive time?

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    It makes no sense to me.
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    Integral said: "It makes no sense to me"

    I will raise that to the level of a postulate and say that the sense of your post is a universal constant, equal to zero in all frames of reference. :wink:
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    Integral, from the other posts I have seen you obviously are a member of some esteem and maybe I can learn from your opinion.

    To me this contention is just utilising relativity to describe the "Time Continuum" and suggests another approach to the way relativity can be applied.....

    Can you explain why this contention is nonsense as this would help me understand my own error of "looking"?

    (BTW I have tried to find whitelighter but he/she appears to be no longer a member of this board)
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    Unfortunately when I say "this makes no sense to me" That is what I mean. I am unable to understand the meaning of his picture. He really does not label the bars that appear. If you can explain to me what those are supposed to represent, perhaps I could begin to relate this to what I do understand.
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    I think the diagram is probably just to simple and we are looking for more than it is......

    It obviously shows a spread of time (10 seconds) as an example.

    It shows that a photon travels 3M kms in that 10 seconds and that the universes changes in that same 10 seconds.......

    And that's it.....nothing more

    Self evident and not all that profound I might add.

    But where is see the value is in the combining of "c" with the contention that because "c' is the threshhold that time may reverse if exceeded may lead to the idea that velocity beyond stationary will create time slowing effects.

    "because a relatively stationary universe is already at 'c'...." "that velocities beyond "stillness" will produce time distortion effects

    Anyway that's what I understand from his/her POV on relativity....I have no idea how this may or may not effect the understanding of anything......to me it's just an abstraction and is valued as such.
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    those little boxes I would presume are symbolising universal change.

    is that of any help Integral?
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    b = magnetism


    The speed of light directly supports how dementions there are in space time that's why when you time travel you go to a parallel universe. Speed of light is in increments of 8 the speed of light is only for finding new dementions not for traveling. Look up Quantum time port where time and space are the same place. Who cares about the speeed of light. Time is controled by the speed of b = magnetism
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