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Light through a slit

  1. May 14, 2015 #1
    Why is it that when you shine a laser through a slit, it has the pattern that it does!
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    What kind of laser?

    What kind of slit?

    What kind of pattern?

    When I shine a laser pointer through a 1cm slit it makes a single dot pattern on the wall, as expected.

    I suspect you are asking about the double slit experiment, or some kind of spectral scattering through a grid of slits though.
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    A pattern like the one in the image I attached created when a laser shines through a small slit.

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    The light waves passing through different parts of the slit interfere with each other, and the result is that pattern. Here's an overview:


    And here's a graphical method for calculating the intensity pattern:


    You can also use integral calculus to calculate it:

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