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Homework Help: Light Wave or Particle?

  1. Jan 14, 2008 #1
    light is described as having a dual nature-- behaves as a particle and wave.
    (a) describe a pivotal experiment that offered support for the wave model of light. Indicate the wave like behavious in the experiment.
    (b) SAme thing but for a particle

    FOr the light as a wave I was thinking maybe Youngs double slit experiment. Because if light exist as a wave it would produce bands of dark and light.

    For light as a particle, Einstein did somethign with photons?

    Im really not sure. any help appreciated
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    photoelectric effect, look it up for the actual description of what Einstein did

    Fun fact: Einstein won the Nobel prize for his work on the photoelectric effect, not relativity
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    Thanks! so everything else i said was right?
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