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Homework Help: Light waves

  1. Jan 16, 2006 #1
    hey found this question in my text book...
    explain using interferance why a super thin film is transparent or invisible in transmitted light but seems to be opaque when viewed with reflected light. Draw a diagram for your solution. any ideas?? i really have no idea. thanx for your time though.
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  3. Jan 17, 2006 #2


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    HINT: How much reflected light would there be if all the light were transmitted? :)
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    if all the light went through wouldnt it be "invisible" but how could it be opaque?, like i guess some reflected rays and incident rays would create destructive interferance, but wouldnt you still be able to see through????
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    Think of what your looking for. (Light thats reflected back or light that goes through)
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