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Homework Help: Light Waves

  1. Apr 17, 2013 #1
    i have a huge problem. the issue is
    " light waves are transverse waves . transverse and longitudinal are the example of mechanical waves . while light waves are not mechanical waves"
    can some one explain me
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    "mechanical" means that there's some material that oscillates

    in a sound wave in air, each bit of the air moves forwards and backwards in the direction the wave is moving …

    that's longitudinal

    in a wave on water or on a rope, each bit of the water surface or the rope moves up and down (but does not move in the direction the wave is moving)…

    that's transverse

    but with light, there's no material to oscillate :wink:

    it's the field (non-mechanical) that oscillates up and down​
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    so why light waves are transverse as we know that transverse waves are mechanical waves so why we deal light as mechanical wave?
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    that's not true :frown:

    where did you get that from?​
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