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Homework Help: Light years

  1. Apr 5, 2009 #1
    If Mork decided he wanted to go home to his planet Ork (10 light years away) and
    traveled at 99.1% of the speed of light, while Mindy stayed in Colorado, who would have
    aged more, Mork or Mindy, in the following situations.

    a. If Mork went to Ork and returned to Colorado. Who would be older when Mork
    returns to Colorado?
    b. If Mindy also traveled to Ork at 99.1% of the speed of light to meet Mork 5 years
    later. Who would be older when they are both at Ork?
    c. If Mindy left at the same time as Mork, but traveled at 99.0% of the speed of
    light. Who would be older when they are both at Ork?

    6. If you fly over the Superbowl football field at a speed of 0.95c what would the length of
    the football field appear to be to you?
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    You need to show us some work.
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