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Lighting Avoidance Device Question

  1. Mar 27, 2010 #1
    Hey guys,

    Earlier this week in my meteorology class we learned a lot about lightening. Basically we discussed how the lower clouds in the storm are heavily negatively charged, and when lightning strikes the ground it is looking for a positively charged area to strike upon due to the fact that opposites attract.

    I am an avid golfer and I have more than once found myself out on the course when lightning was in the area. What I was wondering is if there is any type of device I could build and take with me on the course to help lower the chance of a lightning strike even if it is only by a very small percentage.

    I was thinking like some type of negative ion generator that is similar to the air ionizers on the market today, only modifying it so that instead of having the ionizer release negative ions into the air to clean it, I would have the ionizer in a closed box to allow the negative ions to build up and create a negatively charged object that would slightly deter the negatively charged lightning somewhat.

    Also, another route I was considering was to make a rain jacket with some type of negatively charged material inside of it. Do you know of any type of material that would act in this way? Do you think either of these ideas are feasible at least in theory?

    Any help or comments regarding these ideas would be really appreciated. And if you have any similar ideas feel free to share.

    Thanks guys!
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