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Lightning strikes a swimming pool

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    If a lightning strikes a swimming pool, what happens to me if I am swimming?
    I think it is not a complete circuit, so I won't get enormous current.
    But, will the sharing of excess charge too fast and I get hurt?
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    The same answer, if an electricity cable was connected from one end an electricity source and the other end was splashed in water..And u put ur bare leg into this water what will happen to u??

    If water molecules can transmit the electiricity to ur leg, it'll transmit the charge of the lightning to ur whole body...
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    If it is not a complete circuit, I won't get hurt.
    Nevertheless, lightning bring charges into the pool and my body will get the charge at a high rate resulting a large current?
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    An RC circuit with a battery isn't technically a closed circuit, but there's still current, if only for a while. If your swimming pool is electrolytic (which is almost certainly is), it will have ions that will be affected by the huge electric field. That is, yes, you will get hurt.
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