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Suggestion Like button

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    Why not introduce a 'like' button just in PF lounge ? it will be good ,people can click 'like ' on posts which are funny or very good.
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    Firstly thanks for the suggestion. It's nice to see positive feedback and input from members regardless of if the suggestion is adopted or not :smile:

    We've had this discussion before and the general consensus was no https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=560842&highlight=facebook

    Reasons being that "liking" a post is a subjective statement and goes nowhere to ascertaining the validity of said statement. I know you mention restricting it to the lounge (I can't imagine what P&WA would be like with this) but frequently the lounge is used for heated discussions with statements that should be judged on their factual accuracy. An example could be the recent father-shooting-laptop-thread. I don't think the quality of that thread or PF as a whole would be improved by members being able to accumulate popularity points on their posts. Above all I think new suggestions should only be adopted to PF if they improve its quality and I don't think this will.
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