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Like fractals?

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    Are any of you interested in fractals either as science or art? I am trying to open a new forum about fractals in order for peopleto share fractal images, formulas, theoretical backround, info etc. This is brand new so be one of the first people to ever post in http://www.fractalforum.tk" [Broken].
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    if you want to learn about a cool thing that fractals can be used for, try looking up Fractal imaging and its resolution.
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    I know nothing of math, but I really like viewing stuff like Mandelbrot sets, if that's the same thing. It's sort of like enjoying art without having to deal with artists. (With no offense meant to the few real artists who reside here in PF.)
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    If you like fractals...

    If you like fractals, come and visit http://www.fractalforums.com" [Broken] the best place for online discussion related to fractals.
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