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Lim((cosx/x^2)-(sinx)/x^3)) x->0 L'hopital

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    Hey Everybody.

    I was just wondering about this query:


    My teacher is telling me to use L'hopital, but the problem is that

    the first part (cosx)/(x^2) isn't a "0/0", cosx-> 1 for x->0

    So what should I do, i know the right answer is -1/3, but i need to prove it.

    Plz. Help Me

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    I've never used that method in calculus before, but am I right in thinking that you need to get to a 0/0 situation?

    In which it seems fairly obvious to me that you should rewrite:

    [tex]\frac{\cos x}{x^2} - \frac{\sin x}{x^3}[/tex]


    [tex]\frac{x \cos x - \sin x}{x^3}[/tex]

    Does that help?
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    i wasn't sure which forum, i should post my query in.

    How did you rearrange it??
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    a/(c^2) - b/(c^3)
    = ac/(c^3) - b/(c^3)
    = (ac-b)/(c^3)

    -- AI
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    Thank you guys, you just made my day beautiful!!
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    Homework help.
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    Actually, the modern spelling is l'Hôpital; the 's' is swallowed into the circumflex.
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    Right !
    I love the flavor of the past.
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