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Liminf subset of limsup

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    I have been told that given a sequence of subsets, liminf [itex] A_n\subseteq [/itex] limsup [itex] A_n [/itex]. I have spent some time trying to cook up such a sequence, but I can only ever show they are equal. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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    If there is no restriction on An, then you could set up a sequence:
    An = empty set for even n and An = whole space for odd n.
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    I don't know if that one works. Note that

    liminf [itex] A_n = A_1 \cup [A_1 \cap A_2] \cup [A_1 \cap A_2 \cap A_3] \dots = X \cup [X \cap \emptyset] \cup [X \cap \emptyset \cap X] \dots = X \cup \emptyset \cup \emptyset \dots = X, [/itex]


    limsup[itex] A_n = A_1 \cap [A_1 \cup A_2] \cap [A_1 \cup A_2 \cup A_3] \dots = X\cap [X \cup \emptyset] \cap [X \cup \emptyset \cup X] \dots = X \cap X \cap X \dots = X. [/itex]

    Hence they are equal.
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    I am a little confused by your definitions. My understanding is that limsup consists of all points which are in an infinite number of sets of the sequence, which would be the whole space. Liminf according to my understanding are those points which belong to all but a finite number of sets in the sequence, which would be none.

    To use your expression I think you need to start with An (not A1) and then let n become infinite.
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    Yeah, I had the definition wrong. UGH! Thanks!
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    How can I prove that liminf of a sequence of events An is a subset of lim sup of An given n goes to infinity? I'm inexperienced in constructing proofs, so please do not be strict.
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    One way of getting there is to look at
    supn = An∪An+1∪...
    infn = An∩An+1∩...
    supn contains infn

    So let n become infinite and the relationship still holds.
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    Thank you, it's clear now.
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