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Homework Help: Limit computation

  1. Oct 13, 2005 #1
    Hi ,
    I have difficulty to find the folowing questions about limit computation.
    IF lim xy/(x^2+y^2) ( when (x,y)---(0,0))
    Evaluate the limit as (x,y) approaches the origin along:
    a) The spiral r=0, θ >0
    b) The differentiable curve y=f(x), with f(0)=0
    c) The arc r=sin(θ )
    Thank you
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    ANy help please?
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    Have you tried converting your expression to polar?
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    Have you yet done any work on the problem? There should be at least one thing you can do that is very clear...
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    Sorry I found out with the polar coordinates.I am ok now Sorry about everything.

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