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Homework Help: Limit for very tough function

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    Evaluate lim as x approaches a for (x^1/3 - a^1/3)/(x-a). I want to factor out x-a from the numerator so that the denominator is not equal to zero. How can I do this?
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    (A^3-B^3)=(A-B)(A^2+AB+B^2). Use that formula where A=x^(1/3) and B=a^(1/3). I.e. factor (x-a).
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    Another way to do that (Dick's hint is perfectly good) is not to factor but to multiply to rationalize the numerator. Using the same formula Dick gave, x- a= (x1/3- a1/3)(x2/3+ a1/3x1/3+ a2/3). Multiply both numerator and denominator by that.
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