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Limit prob.

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    Not sure if there is and answer

    [tex]\lim_{n\rightarrow \o}\frac{1}{x}^x[/tex]

    i suck at latexing lol.....liimit approaching zero from the right i think....and its (1/x)^x......the quantity to the x power.
    .........i don't think i can use L'Hopitals rule.........so how do i solve it?
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    (I assume it is x going to 0, not n!)

    Sure you can use L'Hopital's rule. This is a (infinity)0 form so let y= (1/x)x. ln(y)= x ln(1/x)= -xln(x) and you can write that as [itex]-\frac{ln x}{\frac{1}{x}}[/itex]. Apply L'Hopital's rule to that. Whatever you get for ln y, the limit of the original problem is the exponential of that.
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    i got 1 as my answer............is that right?
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