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Homework Help: Limit problem

  1. Feb 15, 2005 #1


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    Hello, I have two questions concerning limits

    1) lim x-> 0+ x^(sinx)
    2) lim x-> +inf. (9^x)/(8^x)

    The first one gives me 1 (e^0 = 1) .. is that correct?
    The 2nd one I dont know how to do. Can someone please explain the 2nd one for me?
    Thanks a lot
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    1) Correct

    2) (9^x)/(8^x) = (9/8)^x and 9/8 > 1. How does a^x behave if a<1, a=1, a>1 ?
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    I knew it was that simple!! Thanks for the help :)
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